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 Lonely Avenue Reprise (Japan)

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PostSubject: Lonely Avenue Reprise (Japan)   Sat Nov 14, 2009 8:22 pm

After a few minutes with the multitracks and the reprise in Adobe Audition, comparing visual representations of waveform patterns, isolating various tracks, playing them against the reprise, not really seeing or hearing any difference, racking my brains because I couldn't determine WHY it sounded different, I finally quit staring at the screen, closed my eyes and really listened. Finally figured it out.

The reprise has no drums. Duh!

Since bass and drums are mixed together into the rhythm tracks on the multitrack disc, the reprise is something you can't even reproduce for yourself at home - so that makes it cool.

In case anyone that doesn't regularly play with audio files is interested, here's what the multitracks look like in a digital audio editor. The last file in the session (the one that's highlighted in green) is the mixed down reprise file.

And if you want to see it full size: http://hoyhoy.com/setz/pics/lonelylg.jpg
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Lonely Avenue Reprise (Japan)
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