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 finding our own kind

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PostSubject: finding our own kind   Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:58 am

"Did you see them live?"

The question came from the butcher at the grocery store, called out to me as I wandered past him in search of olives.

I had to think for a second, unsure of what he was talking about. Oh, my t-shirt! Stray Cats 2008 European Farewell Tour!

"Yes, five times!" I said. "Twice in Europe and three times in Australia! I'm a bit of a fan..."

"Oh, I LOVED that album!" He interrupted with excitement. 'Lonely Summer Nights'... 'Rumble in Brighton'.... they were great!"

Then he started talking picture discs. "I had a 45, but it had a picture on it of the three of them in their hot rod... it had Sexy + 17 on one side and.... oh, what was on the other side?" He searched his memory, in vain. "Something about he was in jail?"

"In jail?" I asked. Hmmm, this is not sounding familiar. Surely I would remember an early Cats song about someone in jail, especially if it was the B side to Sexy +17. But not being a record collector, I wasn't sure and began doubting my own memory. I thought about the fact that a dozen people on this very forum could've corrected the guy instantly.

Then he found it in the dusty corners of his mind. "Looking Better Every Beer!"

(In jail? I wondered. Okay, I'll let that one go....)

He began singing. "And the girl, on my left..."

"...is looking better every beer!" we harmonized together, laughing.

I jumped on the chance to give a plug to our boy. "Do you like the Brian Setzer Orchestra too?"

"Oh, they're great! I have that Brian Setzer Orchestra CD!" I assumed he was talking about the first one, seeing as it was self titled, but looking back he could've meant any of them.

"Yeah, I'm a huge fan," I laughed. "I've seen the Orchestra once or twice too. And actually, I shot the back cover of their latest CD, 'Songs From Lonely Avenue.' You should check it out!"

"I will!" He said with a big grin, just happy to meet another Setzer fan, as I was.

"Oh, by the way," I remembered, "where are the olives?"

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PostSubject: Re: finding our own kind   Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:27 pm

That was a very nice read, Andi!
Cool story!
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PostSubject: Rocak and Roll Hall of Fame   Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:15 pm

In Cleveland for my sisters wedding on Saturday a few weeks back....made a weekend of it by going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Sunday with my wife, cousin, his wife and their three kids. It was a very rainy day so the kiddos didn't complain much. Anyways while picken up my jacket on the way out at the coat check the ticket checker (who was channeling Doctor Johnny Fever heavily, dark aviators and all) says I've never seen a Setzer T or Stray Cats pin here in all the years I've worked here. (had a Cats pin on my jacket and Setzer t on my back) and before I could get it out he says there's some guys that really need to be here. Good selection of Cats, Setzer stuff and some rare rockabilly compileations in the F.Y.E. store there.
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PostSubject: Re: finding our own kind   

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finding our own kind
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