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 ONE TON BEE by mojohand & Nocturne SELTZERADO compared

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PostSubject: ONE TON BEE by mojohand & Nocturne SELTZERADO compared   Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:44 am

I bought a ONE TON BEE by mojohand effects and did a video comparison
of it with my Nocturne Seltzerado.. both are take off from the old Mosrite Fuzz Rite. This vid is a compare contrast, not a one vs the other bit..

I'm not sure of the actual intentions of the One Ton Bee in trying to be original as they chose very warm and fat eq characteristics while a Fuzz Rite or lets say the second version that is solid state is very bright and snarly.
So much much so that in my attempt to capture the original sound and texture of
it, I decided that on its own the Mosrite Fuzz Rite was just too limited an effect although THE FUZZ for the old Ventures fuzz tunes. So I had to add a tone filter control on mine so it could garner other fuzz textures for versatility without losing its first intent which is to capture the surf instros and spaghetti western fuzz tones.

here's the video below. I used a new rutters sugarpine body with a fender baritone neck tuned to C.

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ONE TON BEE by mojohand & Nocturne SELTZERADO compared
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