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 Allen, TX (Dallas) Show

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PostSubject: Allen, TX (Dallas) Show   Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:42 pm

So the Allen,TX (Dallas) show last night has finally started to sink in after 24hrs... First things first, I already posted my 4th row video of the entire 'Rock Around the Clock' performance on the Bill Haley Gibson in the video thread and in the comments of the Setzer Facebook page...

Highlights of the show included:
a little Buddy Holly 'since we're in Texas...' 'Peggy Sue'

a little Eddie Cochran to kick off the Trio section... 'Nervous Breakdown'

a Trio of trumpets walk back on stage during the Trio section... Brian states 'this next song needs a long black coat...' He puts his coat back on and they rip into 'Ring of Fire'. The Audience loves it and jumps to their feet before the first line is finished...

The story of the Bill Haley guitar and his son Pedro & family being in attendance was awesome. Looking at the Facebook post on the Setzer page, this guitar obviously needed some attention before it could be played that evening. I missed capturing on video the first portion of the story but knew something was about to happen so I video'd the entire song. (This tops seeing Duane Eddy join the BSO at the Ryman in 2006 on Peter Gunn...)

It was nice to hear 3 or 4 new Big Band charts during this show. Perhaps a new recording or EP could come in the future...

The Double Bass duel was a crowd favorite and made for some great photos.

Don't want to open a can of worms, but I miss Bernie.... Sad Not enough Swing in the drums, too much hammering rock from the kit tonight...

Well, that's my first post in 4 yrs... enjoy the video... I don't have any other songs recorded... (besides a clip of Peggy Sue that my 6 year old daughter kept jumping in frame on...)
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PostSubject: Re: Allen, TX (Dallas) Show   Tue Dec 17, 2013 4:19 am

i just watched the video. Awesome and a magic moment.
Thanks for sharing this.
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Allen, TX (Dallas) Show
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