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 Solo Albums

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PostSubject: Solo Albums   Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:13 pm

Here's a question for you all.......
The albums and work of...
The Knife Feels Like Justice.....and Live Nude Guitars......

Does anybody know why none of the songs on these albums ever get a sniff of either appearing again on a worked up Orchestra arrangement album or ever being played live? There are some really really hot and zipped up tunes to go at here. Seriously some of the guitar work on Live Nude Guitars is just incredible..
and serve up a 3 course dinner of Rockerbilly.....there is some Brilliant Brilliant work here that has been left untouched and un-heard for years!!!

The nearest we have come to was a resurrection of this work with "Cross of Love" that appeared as a B side of "Sky Comes Tumblin Down" (I think!!) and on the Choo Choo Hot Fish Album.

Are the songs owned by someone else? and therefore unable to be touched???

There are some fantastic tunes on Live Nude Guitars that I would love to hear played live.......
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Solo Albums
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