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 Hey TV, amp question

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PostSubject: Hey TV, amp question   Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:15 pm

From another thread:

tvthewiredturtle wrote:

but... open back guitar amps dont respond with hollow body gretsches like the closed back

I gather the Bassman is a closed cab? Why did I think it was open?? Do you have any experience with HIWATT amps??


tvthewiredturtle wrote:
ps. the best econo priced vintage fender twin is an early Silverface (AB673's were still blackface circuits beneath the new CBS facia..later models were AB769) and
it just needs a good duo of celestion speakers to make your upper lip quiver. the reverb in
those amps is heaven...

What year is an early Silverface and roughly, what dollars are we talking about? I'd like to get an amp that will cover both clean sounds and turned up shake the walls Rock N Roll!! Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks TV.

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PostSubject: Re: Hey TV, amp question   Wed Dec 10, 2008 3:43 pm

The Bassman 2x12 cab that Setzer plays is closed back. The Bassman most people talk about... the famous '59 Bassman 4x10, is a COMBO, and therefore an open back.
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Hey TV, amp question
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