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 Any thoughts on the guitar tone of the two new songs released?

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PostSubject: Any thoughts on the guitar tone of the two new songs released?   Sat Aug 22, 2009 4:17 pm

Just thought I'd create a post to discuss the guitar tones of the new songs.

Lonely town:

Obviously this is a straight ahead Jazz/big band ballad, not much going on, as the acoustic archtop Freddie Green chomping obviously fits perfect. My only inqusition on this one is regarding the solo. How do you all feel about the solo? The solo itself to me fits perfect, great playing but I'm wondering what guitar he used. I'm assuming for the songs rhythm Brian probably relied on one of his trusty old D'angelicos? However the solo sounds to me like it's a jazz box with a pickup and not just a straight up acoustic archtop mic'd. At first I was thinking maybe he went back to that big Gibson but then the more I listened to it, it was sounding like it didn't quite have the fatness of the bottom end, it almost sounds like a Kent Armstrong pickup on the brink of self distorting? Perhaps he used that Gretsch synchromatic that he was using live during for lisa? And lastly I am a huge jazz guitar fan and all week listening to this song i have been havibng a brain fart. Towards the end of the solo Brian quotes a lick from something I know, and I just can't remeber where I hard it anybody know what I'm talking about?

Trouble Train:

When I listen to this one I really have to strain to hear Brian's trademark slap back tape echo. The echo sounds like it's really light to me. Or perhaps it's there but the way the track was produced overall might make iit blend in more? As far as the tone itself, it sounds like he's got that more muffled distortion going on like when he started using the Supero thunderbolt around the time of nitro burning? Although I don't think it's that, I'm hearing more of a small prnicton almost on 10 sound like Lonely wolf from riot part 1. I really don't think it's the bassman. Anyt thoughts?
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Any thoughts on the guitar tone of the two new songs released?
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